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Devon Stress Management

Stress is the curse of the Modern Age!

I can offer a range of stress management training and one2one treatments.

For Employers, prevent avoidable time of work and show yourself to be a caring employer.
Employees are a valuable resource and knowledgebase, please don't waste this!

For Employees, don't ruin your work / life balance for wont of learning some simple techniques that will eradicate stress. Your health. your relationships, your family all suffer from not dealing with stress effectively.

For Professional service providers and organisations, I can offer training, counselling and support in Pro Social Modelling.

Government research suggests around a third of all people of working age suffer from varying degrees of Insomnia.

Being deprived of sleep, makes you tired,grumpy, careless and can lead to short term memory loss and accidents.

Hypnotherapy can restore normal sleep patterns and reduce stress levels.
Don't suffer in silence , get help now!


Stress Management  - recognising and handling stress

How to deal with Stress for Managers

Dealing with difficult people

Management , Leadership and Charisma.

Interpersonal Skills

Mentoring for Leaders

Influencing with Communication

Relaxation for Beginners!

Interpersonal Skills

Equality and Diversity

.......and many more!
Please ask for full details.